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Australian Council

The Australian Council is your connection between Australia and Ukraine.   The Australian Council is a great place to study.

Australian Council your cultural and business link between Ukraine and Australia

Australian Council – your cultural and business link between Ukraine and Australia



NO Englishman represents the Australian Council.  Paul Casini is an imposter.  He often claims to be a lawyer or immigration consultant.  He is neither.  He has never been employed by the Australian Council – indeed, NOBODY is employed by the Australian Council.  It is a non-profit organisation solely for the purpose of fostering better business and cultural ties between Australia and Ukraine.  All people involved are volunteers.  Our members are all Australian.


If this man approaches you please report him to the Militsiya.




Australian English


Australian English is very similar to British English.  Australians also understand American English, and some of the Australian vocabulary is from the American vocabulary.  Australians make very good teachers of English, as they can teach British and American English easily.  Most of the differences between British and American English are in the vocabulary, and most of the terms are used interchangeably in Australia.  Most of the uniquely Australian words are of Aboriginal origin, and refer to Australia’s unusual plants and animals, or to geographical features or locations in Australia.


Study with native speakers of English at the Australian Council


Our teachers will prepare you for your studies overseas.  We specialise in IELTS preparation for studying at Australian Universities.  We also prepare students for FCE and CAE in British English, and TOEFL and TOEIC in American English.


When choosing English teachers, be sure to check their Qualifications


Any native speaker is good for conversation practice.  A native speaker who is also a TESOL or CELTA qualified teacher is necessary for effective lessons.


English Language and Corporate Training


English Lessons


Does your company present the professional image needed to do business internationally?  With a qualified teacher from the Australian Council to train your staff in English Lessons for Business (and other business topics such as Negotiating), your business can take advantage of the immense international interest in Ukraine.


At the successful completion of your course, you will receive a certificate from the Australian Council, which is accredited with IPELT.  When you receive your certificate, you can be proud of your achievement in studying  English.


One Response to Australian Council

  • This Casini guy robbed me blind he told me he was an Immigration Attorney and I paid him and got nothing first it was $500 plus expenses then he needed more for a bribe then he needed more and more and more until is was close on a thousand bucks. It took threats to get my passport back if I see him when I come back to Kiev believe me I won’t be calling the police they’ll be looking for his killer.